Welcome to Our Gardens

Since 2002 we are proud to have designed and created twenty-four unique outdoor classroom gardens.

In the 2016-2017 school year we are teaching our Garden Day curriculum to students PreK - 5th grade in nineteen amazing school learning gardens.

Recent News

From CFISD Garden Fresh News – February

Students will by harvesting sugar snap peas from their school garden! Students watched in amazement as curling tendrils, the plants adaptation for climbing, wrapped around the trellis and helped the vine climb up to the sun.

From CFISD Garden Fresh News – January

It’s January and everyone is excited for the long awaited carrot harvest in our school gardens! There is nothing quite like watching a child pull a carrot from the ground.

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Give us a call, or shoot us an email through the contact page! We’ll come to you, and give you suggestions, a design, or a bid on creating your dream garden based on years of experience


We do it all from start to finish! We prepare the garden site, construct the garden beds, move in a high quality soil and compost, and finalize preparation of the beds for planting.


We plant your selection of vegetables based on the current season either by seed or by seedling depending on the crop, then provide you with simple instructions for watering, fertilization, and harvest.


We love teaching students in the garden! We have a team of wonderful garden teachers eager to lead your students in fun, educational experiences in a garden classroom.